Were Here at Motosocial!

My name is Derek, and joining me is Bryan. We created this podcast for New & Prospective riders as a place to learn and absorb riding knowledge. I noticed that other podcasts focused on personal stories and news, we felt inspired to create a podcast that included more information for new riders and those that just want to learn a bit more.

I (Derek) ride a 2016 Africa twin, I have been riding Motorcycles for almost a decade. I have a passion for riding and perfecting my techniques. there is a real science behind riding smoothly, safely, and quickly. I love traveling around the country and experiencing some of the best roads in the world.

Bryan is a relatively new rider and has been riding for about 3 years. He started on a Ninja 250 and now rides a VFR800. His insight as a new rider and analytical thinking sheds a unique light on every aspect of the art of riding a motorcycle.

Derek and Bryan on the Back of the Dragon.
Derek (right) and Bryan (left) on the Back of the Dragon. (Virginia)
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